How Do I get free legal advice in India?

  • How Do I get free legal advice in India?

    Date : 10-01-2019 17:45

    As important as it is for each and everyone to have a particular hand over legal knowledge, it has become way too difficult to get one especially without hefty money lots being drawn away from common people.


    It is not justified if justice is compromised due to the differences of ‘rich and poor’. Free legal advice, therefore, is a stepping stone for those who need justice but cannot afford to bear the costs involved.

    Even the Indian Constitution under Article 14 states “Every person is equal before the law and has the right to equal protection of the law”. Article 22 provides for the right of a person to be defended by a legal practitioner of his choice. When read together, both the articles aim at delivering fair and equal opportunity of justice to all, without any discrimination, financial or otherwise


    Now, the question may arise, where shall you get such best lawyers, who are good at skill as well as does not cost high, the answer is Lawtendo, it is a legal tech company, aiming to bridge the gap between the lawyers and the common people who are in acute need of legal service.

    When it is being said that Lawtendo is your solution and how is it making difference in the legal industry, there must be reasons how they are making it, they are listed as follows:

    • You could directly go the website, wherein on the page you’d find a section on the very top saying, “Ask free questions”, you can ask any legally related query and a guaranteed reply is ensured within 24 hours by the most experienced lawyers of the field for free. Just a click. 
    • Below the Q and A section, there is mentioned free consultation. Now usually when you look out for a consultation you have to bear hefty charges that are asked by the firms or lawyers, but at Lawtendo you have the privilege of getting free starting consultation without a single penny being charged. 
    • One can also look in for the already asked questions with their answers by some of the top lawyers of the country in the field. 
    • There is a whole set of information on the website that contains legal news updated daily then there is legal blogs which cover all the aspects of the legal knowledge varying from blogs on divorce, property, copyright laws, startups, corporate, education, and all the related articles. 
    • There is a section of legal advice wherein you can get advice about almost every legal issues covering a vast number pf topics listed as: Alternative Dispute, Resolution(Adr), Arbitration, Armed Forces, Tribunal, Bail Matters, Banking, Financial, Builder Disputes, Cheating Partner, Cheque Bounce, Child Custody, Civil Law, Commercial Laws, Consumer Matters, Contract, Corporate Laws, Criminal Law, Customs And Central Excise, Cyber Crime, Debt Recovery, Divorce And Alimony, Documentation, Domestic Violence, Electricity Bill Disputes, Family Dispute, Immigration, Insurance Laws, International Law, Labour And Service Laws, Landlord And Tenant, Legal Notice, Maintenance, Marriage Registration, Medical Negligence, Motor Accident, Muslim Laws, Property Dispute, Recovery, Revenue, Rti, Startup, Taxation, Trademark And Copyright, Wills Trusts, Women Protection and the list continues. 
    • A corporate legal enquiry could also be made from the website itself for free and we all know how much corporates charge but Lawtendo provides it for free hence reducing the burden off the shoulders of common people and opening ways.

     Any issue or problem can be simply expressed via mail at or by calling on +91-9671633666 and we will help you in sorting out all your legal issues.

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