Date : 01 Jul, 2019

Post By Pranjal Jain

National Doctor's Day in India is observed on 1st July every year to raise awareness about the roles, importance and responsibilities of doctors and also to promote medical professionals to come closer and take their responsibilities dedicatedly. This blog will educate you more about National Doctors Day, its history behind celebration in India, significance and objectives.

·        History of National Doctor’s Day: This day is to honour the legendary physicians of India and most importantly West Bengal's second Chief Minister, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy whose birth and death anniversary is on the same day. This day honours the whole medical profession and also highlights the role of doctors in our lives. In the year 1991, the Central Government established National Doctor's Day was to be recognised and observed every year on 1 July to pay tribute to Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy.

·        About Dr B.C. Roy: He was born on July 1, 1882 at Patna, Bihar. He completed his medical graduation from Calcutta and his MRCP and FRCS degrees from London. He began his career as a medical physician in India in 1911. He then joined the Calcutta Medical College as a teaching faculty and later moved to the Campbell Medical School and then to Carmichael Medical College.

·        This year’s theme: This year’s theme is “Zero tolerance to violence against doctors and clinical establishment”. Every year, Indian Medical Association announces the theme. The theme will raise awareness about the violence that the doctors are facing across India. First week of July, i.e. “July 1 to Jul 8, 2019” will also be celebrated as ‘Safe Fraternity Week’.

·        Objectives of this day: Objectives of National Doctor’s Day is as follows -

1.      To acknowledge the role and the importance of doctors in our lives.

2.      To recognize the doctors for their selfless service and their involvement in the lives of individuals and the community as a whole.

·        Celebrations in the Country: As National Doctor's Day is celebrated by the Government and also various non-government healthcare organisations to get aware of the doctors contributions. Many events and activities are organised by various Healthcare organisations staff on this day. Also, big events are organised by the Rotary Club of the North Calcutta and North East Calcutta Social & Welfare Organization.

·        Free Camps are organised: Free medical check-ups camps are organised at various centres of health care and public places by the health care organisations to promote free of cost quality medical services to the public. Promotion of Rotational medical services is also done. Various discussion programs are organised all over the country to spread awareness among people about health check-up, prevention, diagnosis, proper treatment of the disease etc.

·        Screening Camps: General screening test camps are also organised to assess the health status, health counselling, health nutrition talks and chronic diseases awareness among poor people and senior citizens.

·        Awareness is spread: Various activities are also organised to make people aware of the priceless roles of doctors in everyone lives like free blood test, random blood sugar test, ECG, EEG, blood pressure check up and etc.

·        Several activities at schools and college levels are also organised to encourage youth to choose and dedicatedly follow the medical profession.

To conclude: National Doctor's Day is observed every year on 1 July to honour Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy and his contributions. Also, this day remind us to thank our doctors in providing us with selfless service and health care.

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