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Lawyers for Cheating Partner in Mizoram

Cheating in an institution of marriage is not only wrong legally but also ethically.  As and more the modernization hits the problem of cheating partners not only in marriage but in any relationship has increased. It is the idea of a person to have options besides the one who he is cheating on or with a sense of frustration if any, he decides to go out and seek pleasure. The pleasure does not always need to be physical, in some cases it has been done for mental peace as well. The issue is addressed in a different way by different people, some seem to be okay with the idea of it and lives in denial for whatever the reason may be. Some belief in the idea of individualism and when feel betrayed they walk out of it, the end result is seeking a divorce. Some of them get back on the right path by taking the help of a third party is it, family, therapist etc. for the greater good of children, family or themselves....

Top-Rated Lawyers for Cheating Partner & Infidelity:
In mizoram to deal with the problem of extramarital affairs legislation has addressed the issues through various provisions of laws including the personal laws. Section 497 of mizoramn penal code 1860 provides for adultery and can be punished for imprisonment which may extend up to 5 years or fine or both. Section 27 of Special marriage act, 1954 provides a ground for divorce if your partner engages in sexual intercourse voluntarily after the solemnization of marriage.  With respect to the personal laws under section 13 of the Hindu marriage act 1955 provides in the same manner as SMA, 1955. In case of Muslim under section 2 of dissolution of Muslim marriage act, 1939 provides for the ground of divorce if a man engages with women of evil repute or lead an infamous life. Similarly, for Christians, it is governed by the divorce act, 1869 section 10 speaks of dissolution of marriage on grounds of adultery. Abovementioned laws are comprehensive to deal with the problem of adultery, but all of them speaks of dissolution of marriage unlike HMA, 1955 which provides for the period of judicial separation among the couple, which gives them time to rearrange their thoughts and take a decision which is not out of impulse and is well thought of.

Top Advocates for Cheating Partner Cases in mizoram

For the issues regarding a cheating partner, Lawtendo is the perfect platform to seek professional help in mizoram with a therapist or a marriage counselor to resolve communication issues if any, which will, in turn, helps to solve problems in a mature manner. Opting a marriage counselor can be quite a task but Lawtendo makes this easy. Through Lawtendo you can easily hire an experienced Lawyers for Cheating Partner in mizoram. The therapist/counselor provided by Lawtendo is experienced and has expertise in handling such cases in mizoram who will lead to your desired solution.

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