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Lawyers for Bail Matters in Bamial, Pathankot

Bail means the provisional release of an accused in a criminal matter in which the court is yet to announce a judgment. 

There are three types of bails including anticipatory bail, interim bail and regular bail. Bail can be granted both in bailable and non-bailable offenses but in case of non-bailable offenses, it depends upon the discretion of the court and other general factors like the nature of the crime, factors involved, etc. 

What the law says

The Code of Criminal Procedure guides the provisions of bail. Bail is granted mostly in bailable offenses but in non-bailable offenses as well bail can be granted upon the discretion of the court. A regular bail is granted to a person who has already been arrested and is in police custody. An interim bail is granted before hearing of the application for regular bail. And lastly, anticipatory bail is granted when the person apprehends that he will be arrested for a non-bailable offense in the future. 

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Victims of bail

As per Article 21 of the bamial, pathankotn Constitution, every person has a right to life and personal liberty. So therefore it is with this view that it's the right of every person to apply for bail. However, certain conditions could be imposed prior to approving the bail application and it is the right of the victim to know that the accused has been granted bail.

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A lawyer prevents problems. The common perspective regarding attorneys is that they cure problems but that’s not true. Most of the work done by an attorney is preventive in nature in order to make sure that their client is fully compliant with the law and therefore is free of any troubles. 

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