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Commonly Asked Questions

Family disputes should always be attempted to be resolved by the members of the family themselves but in most cases it becomes impossible to do it with discussions within. It is always advised to take the help of a mediator who will hear both the sides and come up with a solution.

Maintaining a defamation suit for lying in the court does not turn out to be fruitful in most of the cases. It is always advised to take the advice of a lawyer before taking any action.

In no situation, a tenant can claim ownership so long as you are receiving rent.

A Section 33 - eviction notice is used by landlords to end a short assured tenancy and commence a no-fault eviction in order to gain possession of a property.

A divorce consultant, often referred to as a consulting divorce attorney or consulting attorney, is an attorney that advises you on legal matters relating to divorce.

A divorce consultant is the first person to whom one should approach in case he/she decides to file for divorce. The consultant will provide with all the necessary information including the procedure to obtain monthly alimony, matters concerning children, etc.

Some of the steps involved in mutual divorce includes joint filing of divorce petition, Husband & wife appearing before court to record statements after filing of petition, court examining petition, documents, trying reconciliation, recording of statements,etc. whereas the procedure is more complex in case of contested divorce.

Every single detail essential for the case, should be told to the divorce attorney. No other detail is expected to be shared.

Contact a suitable divorce consultant and before the scheduled meeting, keep in hand all the necessary documents including income details, self-employment documents, tax related documents, etc. The consultant will provide with all other necessary information such as the steps that will be taken next.

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