How to convert LLP to Private Limited Company?

How to convert LLP to Private Limited Company?

Date : 15 Jul, 2020

Post By Kaushik Das

"Attorneys in the country,they get silver for nought,

They make men begin what they never had thought,

And when they come to the ring, they hop if they can.

All they can get that way, they think all is won for them

With skill

No man should trust them, so false are they in the bile"

That’s exactly how the legal profession gained the spotlights with the hands of our scholars!

The concept of the legal profession can be traced back to the formation of the first British Court in Bombay in 1672. Tolling ahead to the 21st century, this profession has undergone substantial changes as a result of the recent economic crises and the evolution of the legal industry and market. This has given rise to the new breed of a client who is empowered to set the terms and conditions in the procurement of legal services.

The main challenges facing the legal market are encompassed y changes I the relationship with clients, the attraction and retention of talent, innovation and technology.

Today’s companies need lawyers not only to resolve legal issues but also to support their business development efforts. They must stay current, and along with the standard deep level of legal knowledge, have additional training and tools in the area of business, technology, project management etc.

Further, it’s no longer sufficient or productive for the client’s relationship with the firm to be based solely on contact with one of its partners. There need to be strategies for developing multiple relationships to help the client understand that behind the service they are receiving is a horizontal group of professionals that includes partners and associates comprising cross-functional teams. In this context, technology is having a major impact on the provision of legal services. It provides every opportunity for lawyers to access client information and gain a deeper insight into their business and the sector they are operating in, with the ultimate goal of understanding their needs.

This is one thing that can’t be overlooked: captive clients don’t exist anymore. A company works with a law firm because it has the required expertise, trusted advisors and fees that align with the added value it is seeking.

Law as a profession has progressed after thousands of years and is growing at a great pace.

Even in this ultra-modern age, solving legal issues and taking lawyer support is notoriously associated with high retainers and confusing fees.

What is interesting to look at is the fact that the advent of startups and technological revolution in the industry has removed all these legal hurdles to streamline the process.

`Ever soaked the concept of cooking technology and law in the same pan?

Consult With A Lawyer Now

Understanding that Clients want a clear and transparent relationship with external lawyers, which often requires a flat fee or other arrangements that give them control in managing their budget, 

Introducing the foundation of Lawtendo Legal Partners, an initiative by Shrijay Suratkal, to light a different persona on legal hurdles. Established in 2018, with an attempt to provide all sorts of legalized solutions, this ever-growing 10,000+ lawyer network has a meticulous background. The platform covers numerous parts of the country including New Delhi, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune Jaipur ad more.

Lawtendo is created for lawyers, by lawyers, revolutionizing the way attorneys practise law present-day.

Innovation is the outcome of a demonstrated need and is not a matter of merely introducing a change, something that often finds resistance.

Lawtendo, a team of diversified young blooded individuals have always strived to focus on an addition to not only innovating, based on needs but also with a mission to better serve the client.

As for artificial intelligence, we believe, the wisdom is not to compete against it, but rather with it.

It is not intended to replace lawyers or create robot lawyers to compete with humans, instead, create a platform for their growth, their nurture. We have, therefore, come with an initiative to seize the opportunity as we always have, and collaborated technology with this ever-growing profession to term it something new in the e-commerce background and metadata trends as tools to empower and redistribute the necessary people, technology and financial resources to do more with less, serve better clients and get lawyers to progressively focus more deeply onto the areas in which deep knowledge of legal matters is truly required.

A young dynamic team of supporting individuals and corporates with genuine lawyers at their command is what Lawtendo aspires. Being a prominent legal name in the world today, it provides the best legal corporate management and advice in a cost-efficient manner by assigning a case manager for facilitating, consultation and follow-ups to the clients reducing the legal cost by 50%.

With a multifarious advance case management tool and in house legal counsel, Lawtendo is flexible and efficacious in terms of activity tracking, expense management and report analysis, client management and more.

Lawyer exchange matches law firms seeking support with attorneys seeking work and mentorship.

There are a lot of varied practices offered by Lawtendo, some of them being:

  1. Documentation

  2. Litigation

  3. Wills probation

  4. IPR to medical negligence cases

  5. Agreements and contracts

  6. Arbitration

  7. Banking

  8. Consumer Protection

  9. Consumer finances

  10. Dispute resolutions

  11. Labour Laws etc.

Not only does the company provide various services, but also aims to fulfil any legal and regulatory requirements to provide instant and sustainable business growth. It makes services highly accessible and affordable through state of art technology platform along with the network of experienced professionals who work across the country.

To plate a brief icing on our services, let’s know how Lawtendo proves to be the only one for all of us.

Starting a new business-including private ltd company registration, partial liability partnership registration, one person company registration, registration of a partnership firm, a sole proprietorship, register an Indian subsidiary etc.

Tax Registrations and filings- like GST registration, startup India registration,pan, and tan application,professional tax,shop,and establishment registration,etc.

Changing business form type- like proprietorship to the partnership, proprietorship to LLP, proprietorship to OPC, proprietorship to a Pvt ltd company, partnership to LLP, partnership to a Pvt ltd company,Pvt company to a public company and much more.

Bookkeeping and Compliance: like annual compliances for a private limited company, accounting, and bookkeeping.

Legal Services: such as a letter of appointment, letter of completion of probation, letter of employee relieving, a notice of employee termination, employment contract, letter of job offer rejection and consumer complaint letter and so on.

Divorce: Book the best divorce lawyer of your area with Lawtendo’s amplifying lawyer network.

Court marriage and registration: Apply for a marriage certificate online. Marriage registration process explained by best family lawyer online.

Property Possession Delay: Take instant legal action against the builder. Book a top property lawyer in property possession cases.

Cheque & Money Recovery: Consult a top lawyer for cheque bounce and money recovery India to solve all your cheque bounce issues at an affordable cost.

Will drafting and agreement: Make your legal will online. Get your will drafted and property registered from the best property lawyer.

Employment issue: Resolve your employment-related issues in the most affordable rate from the best corporate lawyers across India. 

Corporate hurdles: like suit against insolvent and bankrupt companies, drafting and vetting terms of use, drafting and reviewing NDA and term sheet.

Criminal issues: Sort out all issues relating to medical negligence, traffic challan and bails with the best criminal lawyers PAN India.

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Legal services in India is a very tedious and convoluted process which if goes into the wrong hands can damage you for all your life. With an intention to, therefore, find lawyers near you, interact and decide on the best fit, was built, the foundation for Lawtendo. 

Our website, too, provides free advice which otherwise is payable offline. 

Not only are the individuals promised a convenient legal backing but so are the corporates with affordable lawyer fees.

Lawtendo operates on this firm believe that legal assistance is a right of every citizen irrespective of the financial conditions. 

It is therefore here to commence special programs for people who reach out to us for legal advice and are financially not strong enough to finance the procedure.

Terming the long story short, it is a personal assistant to people so as to help them concentrate on other important things of life. To be able to become the number one choice at legal assistance for individuals and corporates, and create a professional community for the lawyers, is our endeavour and modus operandi. We have grown through what we have seen our people go through.

How can Lawtendo Help 

LawTendo has around 15000+ lawyers across India in our platform. LawTendo strives to facilitate cost-efficient and quality legal service to our clients. You can contact us at +91-9671633666 or [email protected]

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