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Commonly Asked Questions

Employment matters relates to all legal issues that arise in a workplace. It may involve matters relating to employee, process of hiring, salary related issues, etc.

Employment lawyer can help its client know about his right relating to employment. They also assist its client in employment related lawsuits.

Employment bonds are legal in India if parties agree on them with their free consent i.e without fraud, coercion, undue influence, mistake and misrepresentation.

Employment contracts are legally binding on the parties.

Workplace issues are known as employment issues. This may include harassment, interpersonal conflict, etc.

Parental leave, wage and hour related rights, equal pay rights, etc.

Suing an employer may cost you your job but it definitely depends upon circumstance of each case. If one knows that certain right is denied in the workplace which is essential for every employee and the issue is not resolved even after confrontation and complaint, one can sue the employer.

The first step in taking legal action against an employer is to serve a legal notice taking the help of a lawyer.

One can not only sue employer for the witheld amount but can also claim damages for such action.

Lying regarding work amounts to misrepresentation as well as fraud in certain cases. Under such circumstances, employee can file a suit against the employer.

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01 May 2021

I really appreciate Lawtendo, they referred me to lawyers in Mumbai. I met with Adv who has great knowledge in labour and service law. He/she helped me a lot in getting my FNF.

Sandeep Kumar

Mumbai city

16 Jan 2022

My employer was withholding my salary for the last 2 months in the name of the pandemic. I finally decided to take legal action against my employer & connected with Lawtendo who gave me the process & a lawyer to draft a legal notice. It was very surprising to see such quick delivery of legal services.

Vinit Jose

Bangalore urban

17 Jan 2022

Lawtendo helped me recover my pending salaries from my employer. Thankful to support from Mr Punit who guided me along the way

Nanda Kishore


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