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Commonly Asked Questions

As the name suggests, money recovery suit is filed before the court when one person fails to recover an amount so taken as debt.

It is always suggested to first reach out to a lawyer who will help in drafting the notice as well as send it to the required address via registered post acknowledgement due or otherwise.

The lender can file civil suit for recovering the money he owed through promissory note or loan agreement.

A legal notice has to be served to the borrower for recovery of money. A complaint can be lodged before the police station against the defaulter.

Yes, one can sue the defaulter for failing to pay back money.

All kinds of legal actions available, can be taken against the defaulter.

A person can file a police complaint for theft of property by listing all the items. One can also file a civil suit along with punitive damages for not returning back the belongings.

If one lose a case in small claims court and do not pay, the Court can allow the creditor to isuue different enforcement tools to get him pay the judgment.

Theft means the taking away of another's property. If the property is legally in possession of someone for a specific period of time, one cannot take away the property even if it belongs to himself.

One can always use the right of private defense against property while someone steals his property. Although that right only exists at the time of commission of the offence.

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14 May 2021

Advocate has provided me great guidance in my money recovery case and also explained the process & procedure for money recovery matter

Keyul Nagar

Bangalore urban

17 Jan 2022

I run a car servicing dealership named Vaddi Gaddi. I used Lawtendo's services to recover the dues from one of our customers who had taken the services but refused to pay. We approached Lawtendo for ways to recover the money. We are happy with the advice suggested

Rajiv Bharadwaj


17 Jan 2022

We had a pending due of INR 3,50,000 from one of our customers. We found lawtendo from google for best civil lawyers in Mumbai. We are happy with the service & have recovered the money with their guidance.

Jay Devanani

Navi mumbai

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