Date : 08 Apr, 2019

Post By Barbie Duggal

In this article, we will discuss about how complex the procedure of divorce is and how can good planning lead to successful and peaceful divorce. Various points which can be considered before proceeding with the divorce are discussed.

·        Going through a divorce is a complex process and should be done with correct planning. If a couple files for divorce without a prior plan or agreement, it can cause various difficulties and time delays.

·        Being prepared for divorce doesn’t only mean keeping the paperwork and documents ready. But it is more than that; it is legal, financial, emotional and psychological.

·        To avoid these difficulties and to make the divorce process smoother, the couple should keep some important point in mind and should plan it accordingly. They are –

1.  Keep your emotions aside – First of all, you should deal with your emotions. It causes pain and will come in between your court battle. You can get a therapist if you are not prepared for the situation.

2.  Get organised and collect all documents – The process of divorce involves a lot of documentation and proofs. You will need to gather your financial information like income tax returns, bank statement etc. and should organise them too.

3.  Educate yourself – The divorce procedure is not at all user-friendly, it is complex and difficult. Therefore, it is better to get knowledge about this, but it can be very challenging. You need to know the basics about the divorce process, personal finance, division of property, child support, conflict resolution etc.

4.  Decide a Financial plan – You should understand your finance and prepare a plan for your post-divorce future. It is important because after the divorce, you need money to live and pay your bills.

5.  Discovering options and choosing accordingly – You should then consider all the different option available to you and your spouse. You can either go to the court or settle the matter peacefully. Nowadays, you can get divorce using mediation, litigation, arbitration etc.

6.  Putting a Team – Going through divorce alone is bad, as it is very challenging and complicated. You should have a divorce lawyer, a financial advisor, a therapist etc. Doing this may take time, as it is very important to employ competent persons.

7.  Think practically and set realistic goals from the beginning – The person proceeding with the divorce must first determine his/her needs, the ultimate thing that he/she wants from the divorce. This will increase the chance of ending up exactly where you wanted.

8.  Try to minimize the damage to your children – You should try to help your children through your divorce so that they suffer very less. You should try to support your children emotionally. Also, children’s future is at stake, as they need finances to become a qualified person. You should try to make their life same after the divorce also.

9.  Make peace with the reality – Nobody ever want to take divorce, but sometimes the situation arises that a person doesn’t have any other option left apart from taking a divorce. Therefore, a person should not feel bad about it or take it very negatively. A person should try to move on without carrying that psychological baggage that comes with divorce.

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