International day of peace

International day of peace

Date : 21 Sep, 2019

Post By Sankul Nagpal

With the world busy with conflict of opinion and tensions, the only thing we probably need is a second or two of peace. From conflicts over the property to conflicts over money, quarrels and arguments are an omnipresent part of our lives. 

In worse cases, these arguments and disputes take a violent turn and can lead up to disastrous consequences. Therefore, a peaceful approach to the problems of life is something that all of us need to inculcate. To carry forward the spirit of peace and to recognize the efforts of those who have worked hard to end the conflict and promote peace, The United Nations International Day of Peace and non-violence is celebrated on September 21.

So what do people do on the international day of peace and non-violence?

On the International Day of Peace and non-violence often dubbed as Peace Day, people from all around the world take part in various activities, rallies and other programs that are based on the theme of “peace”. A plethora of events ranging from concerts to public gathering is organized to celebrate and cherish the feeling of global peace. Many individuals around the world light candles, Raise peace prayers, plant trees, exhibit their art, and organize peace walks as a mark of peace and non-violence.

In India, various NGOs and other organizations celebrate by remembering those who fought for the nation or rendered national service in times of danger. Many individuals and organizations also celebrate by remembering victims of terrorist activities and pay condolences.

The theme for this year’s international day of peace

The theme for this year’s celebration of peace is “Climate Action for Peace”

The theme throws light on the importance of combatting climate change and preserve natural resources as a way to protect and promote global peace.
Since climate change knows no bound, it causes clear and imminent threats to international peace and security. Natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes displace millions of people forcing them to leave their homes. The pollution of water and land is endangering food security, and the negative impact on public health is ever increasing. Therefore this year the United Nations marks the international day of peace as a call to take action against climate change. From turning off the lights to taking public transport you can also take part in the peace day celebration with #PeaceDay and #ClimateAction.

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