Is the parents signature needed for a registered marriage?

Is the parents signature needed for a registered marriage?

Date : 14 Feb, 2019

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No. A couple can go for registered marriage in India provided they both are adults (as per legal marriage age), and produce the required documents (birth proof, address proof, ID proof, photos, etc.)

Court marriage procedure is common across India. It is made possible — and subsequently governed by — the Special Marriage Act, 1954, which provides for marriage by civil ceremony between parties belonging to different religions. Even parties of the same religion may, however, choose a court marriage over rituals and ceremonies.

The Registered marriage is basically the court marriage or civil marriage solemnised between parties under the Special Marriage Act,1954 by the Marriage Officer in presence of three witnesses. The said marriage is registered and valid marriage certificate issued by the Marriage Officer/Registrar of Marriages under the Act. The signatures of both parties, Marriage officer/Registrar of marriages and three witnesses are taken at the time of marriage in the register as well the marriage certificate. The witnesses can be any three persons known to both parties not necessarily their parents or relatives they can be their friends or coworkers but definitely not strangers.
Similarly registration of already solemnized marriage is issue where the witnesses for registration purposes can be the parents of the parties or other relatives or friends as per rule applicable at the particular district/state in India.

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In India, the Registration of marriage and Registered marriage are two different things.

You can have your friends, relative or anyone known to you sign as a witness (3 witnesses are needed). They need to produce their photos and ID proofs (their photos along with signature is put on the marriage certificate that is issued to the couple).

On the decided date, the couple just need to go in front of the Marriage Officer along with the witnesses, confirm that they are marrying by their own will, sign the marriage certificate and get it immediately. It can take a couple of hours for the entire process depending on the number of people who come on that day for registered marriage. Do research the process of registered marriage applicable in your state/city before going with the procedure.


Registration department has brought about changes in the procedure for marriage registrations exempting the requirement of the presence of the couple's parents, which has been replaced by witnesses.


You can contact an advocate who will assist you in filing the requisite applications. You surely will be able to get married and have it registered also.


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