Renew Birth Certificate in India

Renew Birth Certificate in India

Date : 06 Mar, 2021

Post By Bhupender Tanwar

Importance of Having a Birth Certificate in India

A Birth Certificate is the most important document required for a person’s identity. It is a legal document which in possession of any person residing in India would help him or her to get the various benefits and services which the Indian Government has to offer to its citizens. A birth certificate is generally the first right of the child right after he is born because it is the document that establishes his identity and would help in proving his identity in the future. There might arise certain situations when only the Birth certificate of the person in difficulty would come to rescue him.

A birth certificate is necessary for a whole range of purposes, like insurance purposes, getting a passport, admission to educational institutions, voting purposes, and also employment. 

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Even though everyone knows it is the most important legal document and tries to keep it safely, at times they tend to misplace it or it might even get stolen. But renewing a birth certificate is not much of a tedious job as most people tend to think. If one has the required documents ready and goes to the right place or website (in case of online renewal) and follows the instructions given properly, it is an easy process. 

If you have any questions like “how can I renew my birth certificate?”, “does it has the same authenticity as the original birth certificate?”, then this blog is for you. It will provide all the necessary information about renewing one’s birth certificate in both online and offline ways.

Procedure to Renew Birth Certificate 

Offline Method

Firstly, it is important to know that the individuals who all can acquire a person’s birth certificate – Parent, Spouse, Brothers or Sisters, Grandparents, the legal guardian as mandated by the law. 

One can apply offline by going to the Municipal corporation, or through a Citizen Service Centre (CSC), which are the authorised cyber cafes to perform the task of the Nagar Nizam Operator or the person can directly visit the Nagar Nigam Service Centre (NNSC). The certificate which is provided here is digitally signed by Nagar Nigam authority and legally valid.

  • The steps for obtaining a duplicate birth certificate by Municipal Corporation are: 

  1. The first one has to go to the office of the municipal corporation in the city in which he was born. Only that specific office of that city will have the record of his registration of birth. If it is a big city and there are multiple municipal zones, the person has to visit the particular where he was born. 

  2. One has to pay a small amount fee for the issuing of a copy of the birth certificate. It might vary from state to state or even ward to ward in the same city.

  3. After the payment of the fees, one would be asked to fill an application form in which the person needs to fill in all the details very carefully. The application form generally for details such as Complete birth name, date of birth, place of birth, parent’s first and last name. It is very important to write in clear and easily understandable handwriting otherwise there might be mistakes in the birth certificate. It is, therefore, preferable to write in block letters to avoid any spelling mistakes.

  4. At the end, a receipt would be issued and the person would be instructed on when would he be getting his copy.


  • The steps for obtaining a duplicate through a Citizen Service Centre (CSC) and Nagar Nigam Service Centre (NNSC) are: 

  1. The person has to visit CSCs or NNSC.

  2. He would be provided with all the guidelines and has to fill the registration form with the details required.

  3. After the submission of the application form, the user will be getting a message on his registered mobile number to close the process.

  4. The person can collect the certificate either from CSC or the Nagar Nizam Service Centre.

Online Method

The offline procedure has its pros such as people who are not well equipped with technology can get their copy of birth certificate without being worried about how to use the internet to go about the process. But for people who can apply online, it’s better to do it as there is a lot of rush in the municipal office.  It is flexible to apply online as there is no time period which is not the case in offline applications. The online application is hassle-free and one can do it at the convenience of his own. 

The steps to be followed for online application for the renewing of birth certificate are as follows:

  1. The first one has to visit the application website - and register himself.

  2. After the completion of the registration process, on the registered mobile number, the person would receive a login id and an auto-generated password.

  3. After receiving the above, log into your account, on the dashboard screen click on the link to apply for a copy of your birth certificate. Some details would be required to be filled such as complete birth name, date of birth, place of birth, parent’s first and last name.

  4. Once an application form is submitted, an SMS would be sent to the person’s registered mobile number to close the same.

It is a very simple and easy procedure provided the instructions must be followed properly. No extra documents are required and some basic details are necessary.


Checking the Status - In the case of an online application, it is important to keep a check on the application status. 

  1. One can easily do that by visiting the website -, going to the home page, click the menu item "Birth Certificate, listed in the left menu under "Services for Citizen". 

  2. Then the user can check Status by clicking on “check status for Birth Certificate image”.

  3.  Three options would be available for the user, he can either enter the acknowledgment number or the registration number or by entering the city name and date of birth.


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Downloading the Birth Certificate- To finally obtain the birth certificate in pdf format:

  1. visit, on the menu list click on "Birth Certificate” listed in the left menu under "Services for Citizen".

  2. Then click on the Download Birth Certificate image.

  3. Again, there would be three search options – enter the acknowledgment number or the registration number or by entering the city name and date of birth.

  4. After entering any of the required data, submit to download the certificate.


Verifying – It is of utmost importance that the copy which we receive is not fake and is authentic. The good news is we can actually verify if the certificate is authentic enough.

  1. Visit, on the home page click on the menu item "Birth Certificate listed in the left menu under "Services for Citizen".

  2. Click on the Verify Birth Certificate image.

  3. There would be two search options- either by entering the acknowledgment number or the registration number.

  4. Enter the suited choice and submit to view if the equivalent birth certificate is valid.

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