Ways to get a faster cheaper and easier divorce

Ways to get a faster cheaper and easier divorce

Date : 24 Jul, 2019

Post By Barbie Duggal

  • Divorce proceedings never come easy and sometimes when the parties to the divorce proceedings have really decided to get separated then too the process requires them to observe a separation period of 6 months, which acts as a huge burden on already suffering couple.

    But thankfully this period has now been changed from mandatory to the discretionary will of the court, as in will be ordered as and when required on a case to case basis and not to every proceeding. Apart from the separation time period, there are lags due to nonappearance of the party, delaying it to the next date, a fair settlement cannot be agreed upon by the parties which incur a huge amount of litigation costs to both. All this can be avoided by going for a divorce which is cheaper, faster and easier.

    • Mutual consent: This is the best form for getting an uncontested divorce as in this the parties have already reached to a settlement and court has to only pass a decree based on the agreed terms and conditions by the parties. Under this type the custody, visitation, maintenance, division of property etc. Have been agreed by the parties by mutual consent.
    • Better communication: Most of the divorce proceedings hang in the air due to the poor communication between the parties, as they are so pissed off with each other that they are not able to think a way out for mutual benefit.
    • Collaborating: Working in collaboration and deciding on to the costs and issues together, you may appoint your attorney for this but this is not a recognized legal form like mediation and negotiation but falls on the line of informal negotiations.
    • ADR: Departing from the conventional ways divorce by going to a court and indulge in the tiring process and burdening with tons of paperwork, alternate dispute resolution mechanisms opens a scope for that. With ADR tools like mediation and negotiation, it becomes easy for the parties to openly and effectively communicate and reach a conclusion with the help and guidance of neutral third party. This proves to be beneficial as these processes are informal and flexible in nature and thus not bound by the processes of the court.

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