What measures have to be taken to protect women?

What measures have to be taken to protect women?

Date : 05 Mar, 2019

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Violence against women, happens every day. The goal of individual women should be to get out of comfort zone and play in an immortal way to break the perception of the men’s dominating world. At this point, I think it is still men dominating the world, it doesn’t matter how much we talk about freedom to women but what really matters, is the action of the individual living here.

 Some steps that could be taken are:

-We need the availability of police station.

-There must be speedy trials ,a famous quote “justice delayed is justice denied” is absolutely correct and fit for our nation and also there must be harsh punishment for the culprits deterrent theory must be applied so that it will set an example for the others.

-Most gender crimes take place due to the patriarchal mindset. Proper awareness and stressing on equality of gender help in the long run.
-Parents must give equal importance to both male and female, and try to avoid sayings like “boy's don't cry “. Segregation of toys based on gender, segregation of seating arrangement based on gender in schools, considering certain sports fit for a particular gender etc leads to ‘us' vs ‘them ‘ attitude.
-More females in police force. Females tend to be more understanding and sensitive towards gender related issues. Moreover women feel more free to report to a female officer in case of problems.
-Training for self defense and having emergency contact numbers always helps.

-Society must accept this fact that women also deserve equal rights as men. They must be given freedom and liberty by their society . THEY MUST BE RESPECTED.

 The government has initiated a time-bound action plan to strengthen the police and administration to combat sexual crimes against women. The measures include:

1. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) will compile a database of people convicted of criminal offences. The details of criminals convicted of crimes against women will be displayed on its website.
2. Action will be taken to provide the facility of registering a first information report (FIR) in any police station irrespective of the jurisdiction or area. The FIR may thereafter be transferred to the concerned police station for investigation. This will pertain to serious crimes including issues against women.

3. Citizens should not face any harassment when they come forward to assist women in distress. For this, they should be protected to enable them to freely report a crime and assist the victim/police without being subjected to any interrogation or being forced to become witnesses.
4. ‘Women only’ buses should be pressed into service. A programme is proposed to encouraging more women-driven buses/taxis all over the country.

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