Why do you need a death certificate?

Why do you need a death certificate?

Date : 12 Sep, 2020

Post By Kumkum Sharma

Death Certificate is evidence of the death of dead person. it's A legal document issued by the government, which declares the reason for death, location of death, time of death and a few other personal information about the deceased. In India, it’s mandatory to register an individual's death according to the Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969 with the concerned government within 21 days of its occurrence. It can be taken either within the form of a hospital letter where the death occurred or a certificate from a civil official who certified the death at either the crematorium or burial grounds.

Why it is required?

  1. Death certificate is required for several personal requirements also as for state officials. it's an evidence for Legal purpose like accessing pension benefits, claiming life assurance, settling estates, getting married (if a widow or widower must prove that their previous partner has passed) or arranging for a funeral.

  2. Government officials may have the death certificate to review the explanation for death during investigations to work out if evil occurred.

  3. Public health officials use death certificates for maintaining data on various statistics, including leading causes of death. Public health policies depend heavily on the mortality data from death certificates because they're the sole source of knowledge about the causes of death and illnesses preceding death.

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What are the documents required for obtaining a Death Certificate?

  1. Proof of birth of the deceased

  2. An affidavit specifying the date and time of death

  3. The required fee within the kind of court fee stamps

  4. A copy of the identity card

  5. The person who is applying for a death certificate is required to produce the evidence of relationship with the deceased, complete address and proof of nationality.

How can register for death Certificate?

  1. In New Delhi and Chandigarh, the hospitals are given the facility to issue online death certificates which may be obtained by the family of the deceased, without having to physically visit the hospital. 

  1. Death certificate is the only can provide Joint Director of Statistics after the registration. After, 30 days to within a year of death, only the certificate with some fine. If the death is registered after a year, the applicant can get the certificate by order of a primary class magistrate only, which may be a lengthy process. For this, the applicant will need the reason for Death Certificate, Cremation Certificate and an Affidavit.

  2. In India, death certificate is often issued through online mode by the official website of registration of death and birth prescribe by government.

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How can we register for Death Certificate in Delhi?

In Delhi Death certificates are issued by the local bodies namely MCD, NDMC, Delhi Cantonment Board, within 7 days from the date of receipt of application from the applicant, provided the death has already been registered.

What is the process of issuing certified copies of Death Certificate?

The Certified copies of Death Certificate can be issued in three ways: 

  1. They can be ordered through the funeral-residence

  2. They can be ordered through a third-party company that focuses on this field, like VitalChek

  3. They can be ordered through the state or county during which the person died.

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