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Lawyers for Debt Recovery in Andaman And Nicobar Islands

If your money is struck due to unpaid debts, faulty services or undelivered goods for which you have already paid, visit Lawtendo to hire best debt recovery lawyers and avail our legal service in respect of debt recovery at fixed charges.

INTRODUCTION: In the case of recovery of money by banks and other financial institutions, when the borrowers of the debt are unable to pay the previously decided interest or the principal amount, creditors have a right to initiate legal proceedings for recovery of debts against them....

In andaman and nicobar islands, such matters are governed by debt recovery tribunals (DRT’S) set up under the recovery of debts from banks and financial institution (RDDBFI) act, 1993. Before this legislation, the process for recovering the due amount was to be adjudicated by civil courts under C.P.C, 1908. This act was enforced to lessen the overburdened civil courts and to ensure speedy adjudication of disputes related to debt recovery. Also, appellate tribunals have been created to hear appeals from the decision of DRT’S from the aggrieved party and even if the party is unsatisfied always have an option to go to the Supreme Court under article 136 of andaman and nicobar islandsn constitution.


  • Protect your assets if you are being sued under RDDBFI, ACT.
  • Make you aware of the legal compliance and requirements while lending some money.
  • The advice you towards informed decision making.
  • Filing cases against borrowers etc.
    WHAT WE DO: Increased number of NPA’s has become a growing concern among many banks and financial institutions. Also one cannot deny the fact that how hard it becomes to recover the due amount from the borrower. For this Lawtendo brings you specialized debt recovery attorneys in the andaman and nicobar islands. Our professional attorneys can help you with drafting and sending a legal notice to the defaulter or with filing of debt recovery suits. Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced lawyers which we have handpicked to provide our clients with the finest legal services/advice. Use Lawtendo to easily hire a specialized debt recovery lawyer in andaman and nicobar islands.
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