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DESCRIPTION:  In all over the world women are considered as other class which is exploited by mankind. We live in a society where women are worshipped in public and harassed in private. Cruelty is a reflection of many of the complex social issues facing global society today. Recently growing concern about violence against women has put cruelty on the national agenda. ...

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In the modern era, women play an important role in society, yet women are subjected to cruelty by their own in-laws. Women are subjected to cruelty due to many reasons and one of the most important factors causing cruelty is a dowry, women are forced by in-laws to give dowry even after years of marriage. They are also considered as a weaker section of society because of the male dominant society. The society has so developed various types of ill practices both mental and physical against women has become norms since ages.

THE INDIAN PENAL CODE, 1860: What does section 498A of IPC explain?  The cruelty which means any wilful conduct which is likely to drive women to commit suicide or to cause grave injury to life. Where women are subjected to cruelty by the husband or any relative of the husband. Marriage means the union of two persons and two families in which husband and in-laws have a responsibility to protect the wife. But the stigma of dowry still exists. Women are ill-treated, harassed and killed just because of the simple reason dowry. To safeguard the interest of women against cruelty the concept of sec 498A is introduced in XXA of IPC. This section protects women from who are being subjected to cruelty and also make them liable for punishment.

THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACT, 2005: Violence in this country is raging and several women encounter violence in many forms almost every day.  Till the year 2005, the remedies were limited for the victim. The only remedy given was under sec 498A of IPC. So many women preferred to stay silent and stay out of any court proceeding. Then this act came was introduced, the main aim was to protect women who were subjected to violence, who are abused for the sake of fulfilments of certain wants and provide remedies in short span of time and also to punish the accused.

WHAT WE DO: With the increasing number of dowry deaths in andhra pradesh and the increasing number of violence against women, there is a need to address the matter in an effective way. The world has yet to hear from many other women who are subjected to cruelty, who are still being silenced and ignored, have been less privileged, discriminated and taken for granted. Our country presents a strange paradox.  For the betterment of women and providing them justice, avail them with remedies, Lawtendo provides you advocate, who will provide legal services and guidelines regarding your case. You get to choose from many experienced attorneys. We provide you the best legal advice; we work on your interest.  We can assure you to have the best experience with us. For hiring an attorney in andhra pradesh specialized in criminal and matrimonial matters contact Lawtendo today.

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