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Lawyers for Domestic Violence in Arunachal Pradesh

Women have been considered below men since ages which led to their suppression and victimization. This patriarchal pattern gave a boost to violent and aggressive behavior by the husband and his relatives towards women. If you are suffering cruelties from the side of your husband and his relatives avail our criminal law services and file a criminal case for domestic violence at fixed charges with Lawtendo.

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The trace of patriarchy can be found in the early established societies even in the manusmriti one can find the texts written by Manu that a woman is suitable for household chores and the men for outdoor works....

This design became a custom and went up to the extent that people started misbehaving/acts of cruelty with women/wives using this as a shield to justify their preparatory actions. Violent actions like bride burning cases, strangling, beating, mental and emotional torture, abusing etc. became a common phenomenon among every other household to which the helpless women suffered silently. This led to the enactment of the protection of women from domestic violence act, 2005 by the parliament to address the ill practice.

THE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACT, 2005: the scope of this act is quite wide as it even covers under its ambit the women in live-in relationships, i.e. a woman who has not been legally married to a man but shares a household with him like a married couple. This act protects women from actual abuse, the threat of abuse of any kind like sexual, verbal, physical etc. or for the demand of dowry. The result of a case under the act may provide other reliefs apart from initiating criminal proceedings against the abuser (husband and his relatives) like prohibiting him to enter the place of work or another place where abused lives or frequently visits, may order to isolation form the abused, also as per the act court may order securing housing in her matrimonial house etc.
WHAT WE DO: No women should suffer such cruelties silently and shall come forward for the betterment of own self. At Lawtendo we make it easy for you to hire an advocate in your arunachal pradesh who will guide you and provide legal services with domestic violence, divorce, and related matters. We believe in professionalism thus the panel of attorneys maintained by us are highly skilled and qualifies so as to provide you with the best legal advice/service. For hiring an attorney in arunachal pradesh specialized in matrimonial and criminal matters contact Lawtendo today.

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