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Lawyers for Banking Financial in Chandigarh

Banking forms an essential part of trade and development in any country. It is the performance statistics of banking system which directly links us to the economic standpoint of the country. The system of banking in chandigarh has been there since ages though not in the same form but through sahukars, Seths etc. who used to perform similar functions as bank does. Bank accepts deposits from public, advances loan to them and also performs agency functions. The system like any other has evolved from British era to current day banking system. There are different areas of work of a bank which requires legal standpoint.

BANKING LAW IN INDIA:  banking regulation act, 1949 is the paramount legislation governing banking activities in the country and negotiable instruments act, 1881; reserve bank of chandigarh act, 1934; companies act 2013; chandigarhn contract act,1872; sarfaesi act, 2002 etc. are others....

These legislations altogether ensures transparency, allow customers to reasonably resolve disputes if any, promote growth of banking sector in chandigarh. Banking law majorly focuses upon bank customer relationship apart from other objectives. With regard to customer banks performs functions like debtor/creditor, acts as trustee, bailor/Bailee, lesser/lessee, acts as an agent. While performing these functions it does necessarily succeeds in all of them and sometimes has to take legal action or be a part of someone else’s legal action.

NEED FOR BANKING AND FINANCE LAWYERS: disputes and grievances are bound to arise when it comes to such a large sector being overlooked by number of rules and regulations for smooth functioning. The problem starts when people affected are not fully aware of their rights and working of the system, in that case it’s better to get yourself legal advice before your enter the battle. People affected with these activities are not always well versed with the formal code of conduct. If you are a part of related case or seek to file one you need to fulfill all statutory requirements in order to succeed which becomes difficult with documentation, collecting evidences, legal jargons etc. sometimes negotiations are helpful instead of litigations and thus consulting a lawyer beforehand is advisable.

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