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Employment is a relationship between an employer and an employee generally based on a contract, the contract involves a consideration in form of a fixed amount called salary in return of the work done by him. In chandigarh it is governed by employment laws like payment of wages act, 1936; minimum wages act 1948, companies’ act 2013, industrial dispute act 1947 etc. and terms of the contract....

In chandigarh, it has become quite common amongst the employers to ditch paying wages/salary to their employees on a timely basis and thus escaping their responsibility under the contract of employment. The most common example in mind can be of Kingfisher airline when they decided to shut down and dues of employees were unpaid.

chandigarhn law has come out to be quite friendly in terms of employment and salary issues. Provisions of many laws can help the aggrieved employee to get proper redressal against their grievances. Most common issues that are faced by employees are not payment of salary on time, fraud by employers, being laid off without clearing the dues or for unjust cause, unpaid dues etc. most people who have faced or are facing such issues are actually unaware of the existing laws that might actually prove to be helpful for them. They think they don’t have enough resources or options to lodge a case against the deceiving employer or there is no or minimal chance of winning such a case as the employer is in the dominant position. There are various legal steps that an employee can take for recovering the salary/wages. The most basic step is to send a legal notice to the employer demanding the payment of salary and damages. Section 4 of payment of wages act, 1936 talks about fixation of wage period w3ithin which salary has to be paid by the employer. Section 447 of the companies act, 2013 deals with the fraud done by the employer. An application under Section 33 of the industrial dispute act is another method of resolving the issue.

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