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Lawyers for Cheating Partner in India

Faithfulness and trust guide a successful marriage. However, a partner who cheats (having sexual relations with a person other than the spouse) is called to having an extra-marital affair that is legally known as committing adultery. 

What the law says

Adultery was regarded as a criminal offense under section 497 as per which the man who had sexual relations with the wife of the husband could be prosecuted and imprisoned for 5 years. However, the judiciary has scrapped this section and adultery therefore is no longer a crime. But it is a good basis of divorce or separation.

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Victims of adultery

Committing adultery impacts severely on the mind of the innocent spouse. It breaks the faith in the marriage. The faithful spouse gets aggrieved mentally and emotionally. However, he/she is bound to live with the same person and can file for a divorce or separation under the guiding personal law. 

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