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Lawyers for Criminal Law in India

Criminal law is the law related to public wrongs. It is called an offense in rem that is against the public in general. The state is a party and it represents the case of the victim through public prosecutors in Criminal offences.

The constitution of India has a federal system of governance wherein the powers are divided into 3 parts i.e. Union list, State list, and concurrent list. The central government is responsible to make laws under the union list. The state legislature is responsible to make laws under the state list. Both Central and State legislatures can make powers under the concurrent list. Criminal law specifically is classified under the concurrent list.

What are the different criminal laws in India?

The different criminal laws in India are the Indian Penal Code, 1860 (IPC), the Criminal Procedure Code, 1974 (CrPC), and the Indian evidence act,1872. The IPC provides for nature, the meaning of the offence, and its punishment to be followed in case a crime has been committed. The CrPC provides for the procedures to be followed during investigation ie it is a procedural law and tells us whether an offence is bailable or cognizable or compoundable or which court to go to, etc. The Indian Evidence Act, 1872 provides for the procedure related to evidence. Besides these major acts, there are several special laws such as prevention of corruption at, negotiable instruments act, dowry prohibition act, food adulteration act, etc

How to avoid a criminal law-related dispute?

Make sure you read the contract/agreement/ or any kind of document before signing. Do not blindly sign any paper no matter how close the opposite person might be or how trustworthy the person may be or whether you share a fiduciary relationship with the person. Always secure your rights first.

Don’t come in the words of your relatives/friends etc thinking that they would do the best for you. When it comes to signing a document, it always goes through your terms and doesn’t rely on hearsay.

Make a habit to communicate any terms or important discussions via email and don’t rely on oral or phonic talks or promises or commitments

Always have proof when you are lending money to someone in the form of a cover letter or an email. Old traditional practices of giving a simple small piece of a chit of acknowledgment will not be substantial proof in the court of law.

It’s a new era of a digital world and we need to make the most of it. Make sure to record videos as proof or click images or record calls. The courts will definitely consider these factors.

One way to avoid a criminal dispute is to negotiate the terms of the contract with your customer or supplier and record the agreement in a signed and registered agreement. Make sure that both you and the other party are aware of and agree to the terms of the contract. This will help in making it certain whether the terms you have agreed upon, have been incorporated or have not been incorporated in the contract.

It is not always possible to change and negotiate contracts every day when you are dealing with the same person every day, you can negotiate terms in an overarching agreement & then make a contract on those terms.

Why do you need a criminal lawyer?

It is important to hire a criminal lawyer as they are well acquainted with the latest amendments in the laws. They are highly qualified and trained professionals thus they will not leave an iota of effort to get a favorable order/judgment. Needless to say, you can always find a lawyer in your budget contrary to the notion that lawyers are expensive. It is the best option to hire a lawyer as they can do proper follow-ups in the court and you can get speedy justice if you choose the right court, the right law, the right path to approach the court. Law is tricky and complicated in any part of the world as every contention will be rebutted and you might not be ready for it but a professional who is more experienced will be in a better situation to tackle the impromptu questions during cross-examination. Of course your chances of winning are higher when you have a person who is a master of the subject. Also, keep in mind nothing can beat the never-ending and complex procedures to be followed in criminal trials. A well-qualified lawyer will help you through each step from keeping your records clean, drafting, filing, arguing, etc. rather than suffering in jail it is better to hire a lawyer to defend your case. Your lawyer will help you reduce the charge levied and the fine amount charged upon you. He may even get you acquitted. Without a lawyer, the monetary loss you bear can be higher as you lose income while the case goes on in the court and due to the time spent in jail after a conviction and therefore hiring a lawyer is cheaper than fighting your case by yourself in the long run. An experienced and competent criminal lawyer knows well how to catch the evidence against you that may have been collected illegally to tamper your case. Moreover, your defense lawyer knows how to deal with the witnesses who exaggerate the truth to prove the alleged crime and is able to point out any weakness in their statement immediately. Therefore, you need to hire a criminal lawyer to study your evidence in-depth and even the witnesses presented by the prosecution.

Who are the victims of criminal law?

A person who has been a victim of fraud, theft, forgery, or more serious crimes such as domestic violence or rape, etc.

Why hire a lawyer through Lawtendo?

When it comes to criminal cases, you can't go to court without a proper lawyer. We have a battery of lawyers who have gone through several interviews and have been shortlisted according to their niche in a particular field in law. You can sit at ease once you have hired a lawyer through lawtendo as our lawyers are handpicked and are masters in their area of practice. They will help you get solutions to any matters related to criminal law.


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