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Lawyers for International Law in Dadra And Nagar Haveli

For any matters related to international contracts between individuals and corporation, enforcement of a foreign decree, international commercial arbitration etc. Lawtendo is the perfect platform to hire best lawyers in the field. Avail legal services for abovementioned or related matters by best international law lawyers at fixed charges.

INTRODUCTION: no state over the world is a whole sole survivor globally and thus is dependent upon other states for business, trade, technology, international institutions etc. this makes a state or its individual or corporation based their enter into multiple transactions, agreements/contracts, treaties and arrangements with the individuals, organization/companies and government of other states. ...

These relations have developed over the years and gave rise to an altogether separate regime of international law regulating issues that concerns an international community where either party is a foreign citizen, national, or domiciled. This regime was enforced as to regulate a constantly evolving trend and to maintain friendly relations with each other.


  • relations among different nations,
  • among government and individuals of different nations or
  • Individual and individual.


  • Commercial contracts
  • Arbitration and mediation
  • Enforcement of foreign award
  • Setting aside of foreign award
  • Human and labour rights
  • Treaties and customs
  • Matrimonial
  • Property,etc.
    WHAT WE DO: Lawtendo has chosen best international law lawyers in dadra and nagar haveli. Since it’s an area of law which requires expertise and understanding of various regulations to be complied with, the crux etc. that can be best done by the specialized attorney. Our attorneys can guide you towards taking the perfect step and help you to make an informed decision. Hiring a top rated lawyer in your own dadra and nagar haveli becomes easy wit Lawtendo which strives to deliver finest legal services/advice with its highly qualified and skilled team of lawyers.
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