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Lawyers for Cyber Crime in Daman And Diu

Digitalization has made our life easier and convenient as compared to before, but with this number of cybercrimes like stealing personal information, stalking, hacking has also gone up. If you have been a victim of cyber-crime, hire yourself finest cyber law attorneys at Lawtendo where we strive to provide you with best legal service/advice for informed decision making. Avail this service at our fixed charges.

INTRODUCTION: Advancement in technology has made a man fully dependent on the internet for each and every service that in earlier times would have required him to step out of the house....

From payment of bills, purchasing something or transferring the money all these are just a click away. But it is really sad that a layman cannot understand the ill consequences which advancing technology poses. Whenever we shop, store data, play an online game or make a transaction, send a message we without reading, and carelessly taps yes to all the terms and conditions which later proves fatal resulting in the commission of a cyber-crime. Cyber-crimes are defined as crimes where a computer is used or targeted in its commission. It includes spoofing, online frauds, hacking for personal information or activity, cyber defamation, pornography etc. in daman and diu this sector is governed by the information technology act of 2000, which was enacted by the legislature to deal with the matter in a more specific way and after the number of crimes in cyber sector increased rapidly.

DIFFERENT TYPES OF CYBER CRIME: These are categorized into against society, property, individual and government. These include-

  • Unauthorized access of information by someone resulting in hacking.
  • Wed hijacking where the owner of the website loses control of actions performed by his website.
  • Pornography
  • Cyberstalking where continuous harassment and victimization is done by the offender.
  • Piracy
  • Cyber defamation, etc.
  • Cyber terrorism or warfare
  • Transmitting virus
  • IPR crimes
    WHAT WE DO: Since the area of cyberlaw is entirely different from areas of civil, criminal or family laws where there works a sufficient predictability, but the cyber law scope is completely domain specific. It involves cyber and legal jargons which are not easy for anyone to understand. Thus if you have been accused or a victim of any cyber-crime Lawtendo is the best platform to hire specialized cyber law attorneys. Lawtendo has a team of advocates experienced and skilled also aware with the know-how of the process and how the system works. We strive to provide you with the finest legal service/advice which guides a client’s towards informed decision making. Contact Lawtendo to hire skilled cyber law attorneys in your daman and diu.
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