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Lawyers for Cyber Crime in Dabhoi, Chhota Udaipur

Cybercrimes are those which take place using technology. Since the world is becoming advanced and technology is replacing almost everything, laws regulating and protecting cyberspace is a crucial need of the hour. 

What the law says

The Information Technology Act, 2000 (amended in 2008) guides cyber crimes. It defines and regards various offenses like cyberbullying, cyberterrorism, hacking, stalking, etc as cyber crimes and provides punishment for the same. cyber law in dabhoi, chhota udaipur is not a separate legal framework. It's a combination of Contracts, Intellectual property, Data protection, penal laws, and privacy laws. 

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Victims of cybercrime

Any victim of cybercrime can file a complaint on an online cybercrime portal besides filing a complaint in a police station. Criminal proceedings, as well as civil remedies, can be sought to get relief.

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