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A legal notice is a formal intimation given to the person against whom you want to initiate legal proceedings. All legal proceedings initiate when a legal notice has been sent in that respect to the other party. 

What the law says

A legal notice legalizes the matter to be brought in the court. It contains the narration of the incident and conveys the other party about your grievance(s) and intention to bring the matter before the court if the legal notice is not complied with. Usually, a legal notice does not result in court proceedings as either the other party agrees to comply with it or through ADR mechanisms, the matter gets resolved between the parties. Legal notice can be filed only in civil cases as per Section 80 of the Code of Civil Procedure.

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We provide you assistance in filing the legal notice. We believe in professionalism and additionally, with a network of 15000+ lawyers, you will be provided with the best legal advice and services.

Victims of legal notice

It is not mandatory to send legal notices in all types of cases but it is mandatory when filing against the government. However, sending baseless, illegal or unwarranted notices may fire back and be considered as an offense as well.

Why do you need a lawyer

A lawyer is an expert in legal drafting. A legal notice is required to be drafted in a specific format, mentioning all the important details of the case which can be effectively done by a lawyer.

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