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A contract is formed upon three things: offer, acceptance and consideration. A contract is an agreement enforceable by law. Simultaneously, an Agreement is a promise or set of promises, forming consideration for each other. It regulates the terms between the parties and is used in almost every field; from family arrangements to businesses and extends to international level as well. 

What the law says

The gunjan, vapin Contract Act, 1872 is the guiding law enacted by the Parliament in respect of contracts. A valid contract is constituted between persons who have attained the majority. A valid contract, as per law, should contain a lawful consideration, should be free from undue influence, fraud or mistake and should be made with the consent of both the parties. A contract entered into, in which either or both the parties is minor or of unsound mind or declared unqualified to contract by the Law, is void.  

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Victims of Contract

Either party to a contract can be a victim of a contract. When the terms of the contract are illegal or when one party fails to perform his obligations or when the contract itself is made under undue influence or fraud, this amounts to a breach of contract, and the victim can approach the respective civil court to obtain compensation or appropriate remedy. 

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