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Lawyers for Alternative Dispute Resolution(adr) in Haryana

DESCRIPTION: ADR stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution, in general when we listen to the word disputes, injustice we immediately think about the courts, judiciary law. The harsh reality is due to the increase of no. of disputes, nowadays our judicial system has become inefficient to support the backbone of justice, as a result, new alternative mode is introduced in order to provide justice to people by solving disputes of the people within limited time and money that alternative mode is known as ADR.

Top-Rated Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers in haryana

 Alternative Dispute Resolution consists of Arbitration, Conciliation, Negotiation, Mediation & Lok Adalats. Unlike courts these methods are not formal as courts and are quite simple, also these methods are cost-effective. These methods of resolution of disputes follow informal procedure rather than the technical procedure of the court. As the disputes are solved amicably without any fear, so in the end both the parties end up in maintaining a cordial relationship. Also, there is a saving of a lot of time and pendency on the court reduces.

 LAW IN INDIA: In haryana, we have Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996 which is amended in 2015, under this act the whole procedure of domestic & international Arbitration & Conciliation is given. Nowadays to avoid delay in dispute resolution and to solve dispute on own most of the agreements, contracts signed between two parties, corporate, employee-employer, service contracts have a clause related to solving disputes either by Arbitration & Conciliation or by any alternative dispute mechanism. These mechanisms can also be referred by the court like sending disputes/matters into Mediation, Negotiation in order to settle the matter peacefully. Courts often refer the matrimonial disputes for counseling before counselors it is also one of the Alternative Dispute Resolution. Every month  Lok Adalat is set up in which amicable settlement is done by the parties to avoid the time and to get justice in time. Under Arbitration & Conciliation, appointment of Arbitrator is done by the court wherein both the parties have to pay fee to the Arbitrator who acts like a judge to solve the dispute, in case any person is not satisfied with the award given  by the appointed Arbitrator, the Award can be challenged by the unsatisfied party before the court.

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