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Lawyers for Startup in Kerala

Research helps you make a wise decision, well said by someone that it’s better to know the rules and stakes of the game before you actually start playing it. Same is the case when it comes to startups. If you are a startup looking for best legal advice Lawtendo is the place for you. Use Lawtendo to appoint best attorneys for legal advice and services at fixed charges.

INTRODUCTION: the dictionary meaning of the word startup would construe to be the act or process of starting something new or to set it into motion. By the grace of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji our country is highly favoring start up these days. Students and amateurs to the business world form a major part of the startup industry today....

The main problem which poses in front of them is that they are just beginners in the industry and hence not completely aware of the working process, which results in missing out some important compliance or document. This mistake can be harmful for the future of the startup which would be closed down or lose reputation before even settling properly in the market.


  • Rights and duties of the founder to the startup
  • Local and national laws existing in the specific area
  • Acquiring a license if the field requires it.
  • Agreements and contracts with customers, vendors etc.
  • Policies and terms of use
  • Accounting and tax laws etc.


  • Company law
  • SEBI guidelines
  • Labour laws
  • IT and cyber laws
  • IPR law
  • Contract law
  • Domain-specific laws and policies
    WHAT WE DO: We provide a platform with handpicked finest and experienced attorneys in startup-related laws. For any legal advice as to compliance or defending a case for non-compliance contact Lawtendo to get best legal help. Our team consists of skilled and professional corporate, contract, labour, IPR law attorneys with expertise in their area of operation where aim is to always render quality legal services and meeting client’s expectations with their desired results. Contact Lawtendo today to hire high rated lawyer in the kerala.
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