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Lawyers for Armed Forces Tribunal in Lakshadweep

Armed forces tribunal act has been enacted to provide a separate legislation for adjudicating and redressing disputes and issues related to armed forces in the matters of their appointment, conditions of services except for removal from service under president’s pleasure, their commission, leave and summary tribunals, transfers, and postings etc....

The categories which are the subjects to the armed forces tribunal act, 2007 are the people covered under the three armed forces namely the army act, 1950; the air force act, 1950 and the navy act of 1957. The armed forces tribunal act also provides for the provisions of appeal against the order of the tribunal to the aggrieved parties.

JURISDICTION OF ARMED FORCES TRIBUNAL: any person serving under army, navy and air force can be prosecuted or defended under this act. But this act does not extend to include the personnel of paramilitary under its domain. The main bench of AFT is situated at New Delhi with its 15 branches spread at different places in the country. The tribunal will have original jurisdiction in service related matters and appellate jurisdiction in court-martial related matters.

  • AFT has its jurisdiction across the lakshadweepn Territory.
  • It has a provision of appeal against any order, evidence, and finding given by court-martial.
  • Tribunal has been given powers like to grant bail to persons held in military custody, to remit any of the whole parts of punishments if it feels to be unjust in any way.
  • It has powers of IPC and CR.P.C and considered to be a criminal jurisdiction court.
  • Appeals against tribunals order can only be entertained by the Supreme Court and not the high courts.

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