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Lawyers for Bail Matters in Maharashtra

Bail is considered to be the temporary release of a person whose trial is in process. It is done to back up the provision of freedom mentioned in the constitution of maharashtra. Connect with Lawtendo today to hire best criminal law attorneys and avail legal services for bail related matters at our fixed charges.

INTRODUCTION: since maharashtran law follows the adversarial model of the justice system and strains upon the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, highly supports the freedom of an individual which proves useful against the unreasonable/unjustified detention of a person and works as a barricade against providing punishment before actual conviction. But the liberty of bail though comes under the article 21 of the constitution of maharashtra encompassing the right to life and personal liberty is not absolute and thus comes with reasonable restrictions which are imposed by the state....

Courts while granting the bail application will balance the interests of an individual against that of the public, and will grant bail only if it finds it suitable. Sometimes a bail is granted to an accused by making him fill a bail bond which acts a security against him being absconded and abiding with the necessary implications imposed upon him by the court.

INDIAN CRIMINAL LAW AND PROVISION OF BAIL: though the term bail is not been defined under the criminal procedure code, 1973 it does make a distinction between bailable and nonbailable offenses. For the former one, an accused may obtain his bail in the police station while for the later offenses one has to approach a court for that matter. Section 436-section 450 of criminal procedure code, 1973 carries the provisions regarding bail and bail bonds in maharashtra. The exact amount is not spelled out in the court and has been left to the discretion of the court from case to case basis. Also, section 498A of CR.P.C lays down the provision of anticipatory bail means securing you with a bail-in fear of arrest.
WHY LAWTENDO: when a person is arrested, he along with his family suffers through mental trauma already, being a common man there is a very thin chance that they know how to approach the court asking for the grant of bail. It becomes really hard to decide and approach a good attorney. With Lawtendo at the rescue, it becomes easy to solve this problem without any hassle in your own maharashtra. Lawtendo maintains the panel of best criminal law lawyers in the maharashtra who provide you with finest criminal law related services such as prosecution, defending a criminal matter, asking for a bail, application under section 498A of CR.P.C etc. in any case of criminal accusation for getting relief and bail contact Lawtendo today to hire a skilled attorney with prior experience in the field.

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