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Lawyers for Builder Disputes in Manipur

The population growth is at its peak sadly the area of land being limited; everybody dreams of having his own home. manipur is providing with various opportunities is a hub of real estate construction. But manipur has the biggest concern for home buyers with respect to the money they invested in buying the property as to whether the property would be delivered to them in time, or of the agreed quality or not. In the past few years, there has been a rise in the number of complainants wanting to file a case against a real estate builder.  The grievances that most of the buyers complaint of are- delay in possession of property, not delivering the property on agreed quality or missing out on certain attachments which were previously agreed, no responses from the builders as to regarding the completion of the project, stayed construction due to legal interventions, fraud builders, breach of contract etc....

Top-Rated Builder Disputes Lawyers in manipur
A home buyer under manipurn laws can resort to various provisions under civil, criminal and consumer laws if deceived by the builder in any way for the hard earned money he has put in buying that property. The very first step that a buyer should do is to send a notice to the developer or builder of the property in case of delayed possession, poor quality of work or fraud in which he claims the refund and damages to the loss he has incurred due to that delay. After the notice has been sent the next step that a buyer may take is to file a consumer complaint within a period of 2 years from the date of a dispute under consumer protection act 1986. The state consumer forum has jurisdiction over disputes which exceeds an amount of 20 lacs up to 1 crore. The national consumer dispute redressal commission (NCDRC) entertains matter exceeding the amount of 1 crore.  A buyer can also approach criminal courts under IPC 1860 for cheating, breach of the agreement.

One has the option to sue the defaulting party in buyer developer agreement for either refund and damages or fulfillment of terms of the contract. If you have been deceived by a developer, or have received a notice under the consumer protection act 1886, you can always approach Lawtendo for legal support to get in touch with experienced Builder Dispute lawyers in manipur. Lawtendo provides legal services and advice for buyer-developer conflicts in manipur with the help of highly qualified lawyers in the field. Lawtendo will help you instantly connect with the experienced team of lawyers who can help you get past the tedious process of recovering the money from builders.

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