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Lawyers for Marriage Registration in India

Marriage is considered as a sacred institution in the Indian culture. There are various personal laws that govern the solemnization of marriages. However, to give these marriages a legally binding effect without the hassle to prove that ceremonies of marriage were duly conducted, the concept of marriage registration is there which does that job.

What the law says

Under various personal laws, marriages are solemnized but for registration, The Special Marriage Act provides law in that regard. The Hindu Marriage Act provides law for both solemnization and registration to Hindus while for people who follow other religions, they can get their marriage registered under the Special Marriage Act. 

Besides that, The Foreign Marriage Act regulates marriages of an Indian with a foreigner in a foreign country. While an Indian citizen who gets married to a foreigner within India itself, he or she can solemnize and register the marriage under the Special Marriage Act only.

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Victims of Marriage registration

Either party during a divorce proceeding or any other proceeding where the existence of marriage has to be proved to find it difficult to do so in the absence of marriage registration. But once the marriage is registered, it gets legal backing and is sufficient proof of marriage. 

Why do you need a lawyer

A lawyer prevents problems. The common perspective regarding attorneys is that they cure problems but that’s not true. Most of the work done by an attorney is preventive in nature in order to make sure that their client is fully compliant with the law and therefore is free of any troubles. 

Why hire a lawyer through lawtendo

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