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Lawyers for Documentation in Mizoram

For any of your drafting needs avail legal services provided by Lawtendo by its experienced documentation lawyers at fixed charges. A document would always be considered over any other form of evidence in the court as it is in writing which increases its value of truthfulness. Documentation comes into play when we talk about drafting legal agreements like lease or partnership etc., drafting legal notice, a contract, sale deed, succession certificate or a will.... Documentation carried out by a professional is much better than anybody else, like for example in case of making a will though it can be made by any person himself a proper documentation of the will done by a professional would be precise and unambiguous keeping in mind all the compliances required and applicability of the law. The scope of documentation in mizoram is quite wide as even in smallest of the procedures it requires documentation to be filed like registration certificate, plaint or bonds etc.


  • To abide by the necessary conditions of the law.
  • To avoid any future disputes arising out and in the relation of such document.
  • To acquire a piece an evidence with high evidentiary value.
  • To take precaution in cases like property, rent and lease matters etc.

WHAT WE DO: Since a proper draft can always turn up the case or proceed if any in your favor.

Therefore, it is very important to take documentation seriously before getting into any kind of legal arrangement or filing or registering a property or a deed etc. At Lawtendo we believe in effectiveness and thus strive towards providing the best legal services. Contact Lawtendo to hire a skilled documentation lawyer in your mizoramOur squad of lawyers has expertise in documentation and has been handling such from past a quite number of years making them familiar with the know-how and capable to deliver the best services to our clients. To hire one in your mizoram use Lawtendo for your documentation and related needs. 

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