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Lawyers for Property Dispute in India

DESCRIPTION: Dispute relating to the property is a very ordinary issue these days. It is found not only in rural areas but in urban areas too or we can say quarrel over wealth takes place across all the classes like in the upper class as well as a middle class...

Most of the suits are filed for a property dispute. Around 66% of all the cases are property-related litigations. Property dispute causes so many problems in families, it divides the family. Proper attention and steps must be taken to prevent property-related disputes.

INTRODUCTION: Property dispute is a common occurrence in India. Dispute pertaining to the property often arises through claims by legal heirs, co-owners. There are many types of property disputes but one of the commonly found is an immovable property dispute.

As it is the ugliest issue it needs a legal eye to resolve the issue in a proper way. There are many law provisions which are given like under the transfer of property act, Hindu succession act.

The owner of the property who has acquired ownership and title has the right to enjoy the property, possession, use, and income from the rent. You have to prove the title through the documentary evidence, without evidence you are not entitled to enjoy the right over the property.


TITLE: First thing you need to do when buying a property is to get the title and to make sure the property is not sold to someone else or property is not mortgaged.

INHERITANCE: In case of will make sure that the property was distributed according to the succession laws.

SALE DEED DATES: Make sure that the date on the stamp paper matches the date of the transfer of title documents.

MUNICIPAL APPROVAL: Make sure to get the approval.

HOW WE HELP: You should always clear the title or the ownership of property. In case you get the immovable property, then to avoid fraud in the future you need to transfer that property in your name.

So if in case any fraud occurs, there should be clarity of title. Lawtendo being the best law firm in India, we provide you with the best attorneys from all over the country to resolve your dispute and finalize your suit. We offer you great assistance. Providing you with the best lawyers who have knowledge about the dispute related to property and partition. To get the case solved in less time contact Lawtendo now. We work in your interest.


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