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Lawyers for Wills Trusts in Punjab

If you require a will to be drafted or create a trust out of your properties before your death, our team at Lawtendo can provide you with some best attorneys who can guide and determine all the legal requirements to be complied with. Avail our legal services with respect to above-mentioned matters and related therewith at fixed charges.

Trusts and wills constitute legal instruments governing the manner of disposal of your property after your death. It is always advised to create one as they represent your wish to dispose of the property in a certain manner and has also got legal backup. Will basically spells out the manner in which the property of the deceased be devolved among the legal heirs. On the other hand, a trust is created in order to transfer the property to a third person after the death of the executor to use the spelled out property in the manner and for the beneficiary defined in the trust deed....


  • Drafting or editing your will or trusts
  • Registering for high evidentiary value
  • Certificates of legal heirs
  • Administration letters etc.

GOVERNING LAWS: In punjab, the matters of wills and trusts are governed by-

  • The punjabn trusts act, 1882
  • punjabn succession act, 1925
  • Personal laws

WHAT WE DO: We have made it easy for you to find a lawyer in your punjab. Our team of lawyers across the country is highly educated and skilled and has experience in handling similar cases.

You may want to hire a lawyer if you are denied a rightful claim under a will or a trust, or you want to get your will or trust deed drafted, you might want to get it edited or for contesting a claim etc. for the above mentioned and related matters Lawtendo handpicked attorneys with expertise in the area. Contact Lawtendo to get in touch with finest attorneys in punjab which will best legal advice and service with respect to matters concerning will and trusts, as its always better to take care rather than struggling afterward.

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