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Lawyers for Cheque Bounce in Sikkim

Cheque is a negotiable instrument that is payable on demand and not otherwise which is drawn to a specified banker.  This negotiable instrument is being used commonly in many transactions and businesses. The mode of payment is mostly preferred by way of cheques because of its reliability, rather than carrying out transactions by way of cash payment in order to secure such payment people generally prefer crossing of cheques implying its payment to specific payee and to avoid the misuse by the bearer....

Everyday many cheques are deposited in the bank and are processed by the bank on a daily basis. However not always when a Cheque is drawn by the author is processed and cleared by the bank. Many a times due to insufficient account balance of the author the cheque is bounced and the transaction is not completed by the drawee bank. The cases of cheque bounces are pretty common these days. Since cheque is a negotiable instrument the issue relating dishonoured cheques is governed by the negotiable instrument act 1881. Section 138 of the negotiable instrument 1881 provides for dishonor of cheque for insufficiency etc. of funds in the account. According to this section the dishonor of a cheque is a criminal offence and provides punishment for it which includes imprisonment with may extend up to two years or with fine or both.

When a cheque is deposited with the bank and dishonoured, a Cheque return memo is issued by the bank to the bank of the payee that is to whom the payment is to be made. The bank of the payee returns to him the memo along with the dishonoured cheque. The payee again have the option to redeposit the cheque in the bank in order to honour it, if again it is dishonoured he has an option to opt for a legal action as under section 138 of negotiable instrument act 1881.

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