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Lawyers for Divorce And Alimony in Chennai

Studies has shown that the number of separating couple has increased in metro cities, chennai, the position that was held by the institution of marriage as in early times is not the same anymore. With increase in the number of nuclear families issues between married couple are a common thing now days, due to financial independence and supporting law it has become quite easy to obtain a divorce without too much hustle. Staying in a marriage that is really not working put for you is not a compulsion anymore, and people have actually started to accept that. Wanting a divorce for whatever reasons, of which common being –cheating, found love, compatibility, domestic violence, demand f dowry etc. and is free to walkout of an abusive relationship....

What we mean by divorce is common, but the process to obtain it is not same because every religion has its own norms and procedures to obtain a divorce. chennain being a diverse cultural country where people of many religion and culture resides and for that matter are governed by their own personal laws in order to maintain the sacred nature of customs of their different religion and to freedom to follow, profess and practice any religion has been granted in the constitution of chennai. From divorce matters relating with it are also to be dealt with like custody of child, alimony, rights and duties etc. under the Hindu marriage act 1955 section 13 deals with the grounds and types of divorce.  Where the spouse belongs to different religion special marriage act 1954 applies laying the grounds for divorce. Section 10 of the divorce act 1969 deals with matters relating divorce among Christians in chennai. With respect to Muslim personal laws it is Section 2 of dissolution of Muslim marriage act that governs the divorce matters.

One of the important questions that arise in the mind of people seeking divorce is the lousy process and the heavy paperwork which is required in completing the process. In that case a major task of is to get good divorce lawyers, which is quite a task for the layman to choose from many options available, well Lawtendo does the work for you.

Lawtendo is the perfect platform to hire lawyers in chennai for the matters relating to divorce, separation, alimony, maintenance, child custody. One would always prefer a friendly and experienced lawyer, so that they could easily interact and go through the process without much trouble.  Lawtendo is a tool which has a panel of lawyers and thus helps the people in chennai to appoint best and experienced lawyers with respect to the abovementioned matters.

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