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Lawyers for Landlord And Tenant in Telangana

DESCRIPTION: Landlord and tenant, the landlord is a person who owns the house or any premises whereas tenant is the one who pays rent to the landlord to live in the premises of the landlord. There are so many civil suits pending in telangana which is related to the dispute of the landlord and the tenant. Also, there are many laws and acts which are related to landlord and tenant. Almost every state have their personal laws like tenancy acts, rent control act etc. there is one more act which contains few provisions related to landlord and tenant i.e. transfer of property act. Lawtendo has the best lawyers in telangana who have years of experience and have a vast knowledge regarding landlord and tenant disputes. ...

INTRODUCTION: Dispute between landlord and tenant can take many forms- from upkeep and repair issues to nonpayment of rent and potential eviction. As it happens most of the time during the tenancy when a landlord-tenant dispute arises. To avoid these type of disputes make sure to go through the lease contract and be well advised of your legal rights and responsibilities according to federal, state and local laws. Some of the most important things you need to clear to maintain a good relationship between landlord and tenant have rental and lease agreements, know about the landlord rights, eviction, rent and security deposits, tenant rights, repair and maintenance, and state resources.

LAWS RELATED TO LANDLORD AND TENANT: Rent control act offers the security of tenure to the tenants and restricts the landlord’s power to evict tenants. Transfer of property act 1882, a central legislation, contains the general law governing lease of the immovable property. It specifies the rights and liabilities of landlord and tenant in absence of a contract to the contrary. State laws have the social objective of protecting the interest of several class of tenants. Such protection is usually based on the quantum of the rent, size, and location of the premises, so as to prevent arbitrary eviction from tenanted properties.

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