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Lawyers for Maintenance in Telangana

Maintenance in the legal sense means the financial support provided by a person to his/her spouse, children or parents etc. if you want to claim maintenance for yourself or your children’s subsistence you may want to file a case with respect to the same. Avail this service with Lawtendo at our fixed charges.

Top-Rated Maintenance Lawyers in telangana: 

As per article 39 of the telanganan constitution, 1950 the term maintenance includes the provision for food, clothing, and shelter. In telangana, it is typically available to wife, parents, and children but with modernization, the scope to seek maintenance is extended to a woman who though not legally married to a man but lives and shares a household with him constituting a marriage like an institution....

The rationale behind the provisions of maintenance under different acts like domestic violence act, 2005; section 125 of code of criminal procedure and protection and maintenance of senior citizens act, 2007 is to achieve social justice intending to create a balance between the bread earner and vulnerable members that one is bound to maintain as long as they are unable to maintain themselves. Apart from the neutral legislations mentioned above, there are also provisions for maintenance under personal laws of different religions like Hindu law, Christian, Muslims, Jews etc. the main aim behind this was to protect the interests of the weaker section of the society covering women, minor children, and infirm parents.

CR.P.C: section 125 of CR.P.C is a social welfare provision, under this section necessary condition for claiming maintenance is that he claimant must prove that the person from whom the maintenance is sought has sufficient means as to maintain. Also, the quantum of maintenance depends upon case to case basis and there is no fixed amount defined for it.

CHRISTIAN LAW: telanganan divorce act of 1869 governs for maintaining a Christian wife for a lifetime under section 37 of the act.

MUSLIM LAW: Under Muslim personal law husband is bound to pay the amount agreed before marriage termed as mehr on divorcing her along with the properties and gifts are given to her shall be returned.
HINDU LAW: Provides for maintenance of children under section 26 of the Hindu marriage act.

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