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Lawyers for Family Dispute in West Bengal

DESCRIPTION: Family disputes are the most common dispute found in society. Most of the civil and criminal suits are related to family disputes. A family dispute can be of many types it includes land dispute, property dispute, and marriage and divorce disputes etc. The west bengaln court and judiciary is no stranger to a family dispute. Consequently to determine these sort of question the west bengaln court has taken embraced strict guidelines. To resolve the dispute in the family and to maintain peace in the family these disputes need to be solved within less span of time. Lawtendo provides you with the best attorneys across in west bengal to provide you with great assistance. ...

INTRODUCTION: Family dispute causes problems in the family. According to the data property and family disputes account for 76% of litigation. Property disputes and family disputes clog our judicial system and in a majority of the police detain the accused unnecessarily. Family courts in west bengal are influenced by the jurisdiction of countries like China, USA, and England. The family’s court main purpose is to assist the smooth and effective disposal of case related to family matters. Family dispute directly indirectly affect the life of the children because of the dispute in the family.


west bengal is a vast country with the second largest population in the world, so naturally, the number of married persons is also high. Marital dispute and family disputes numbers are also high so there are so many laws related to family Family courts have an exceptionally essential task to carry out in lessening the family question on an overburdened legal framework, giving help to disputants, who are compelled to endure drawn-out deferrals in getting equity. The process of family disputes includes divorce, separation, maintenance, settlement of matrimonial properties, child custody are very expensive and time-consuming. The preamble of the family court, 1984 itself demonstrates the commitment to the family court to make attempt to help in touching base at quick preliminary and settlement of question identifying with a family dispute.

WHY CHOOSE US: Family courts are expected to adhere to simple and practical procedure either in a combination of any of the procedures laid down in the court. Efficiency and advocacy are both key elements to the successful resolution of any matter. Lawtendo provides high-quality legal services and responsive, proactive solution that brings a solution of the dispute in west bengal. Attorneys have the best experience to handle your case immediately. We don’t surround your problems, we solve them.



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