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  • Employee Grievances on Wages and Salary Issues

    Employee Grievances on Wa...


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    A major chunk of the Indian market is constituted by its labour market. The conditions of Indian labour market has evolved ov

  • Know the Procedure of Fast Track Merger in India

    Know the Procedure of Fas...


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    Merger usually occurs when two companies’ usually of the same size come together to form a whole new different organization

  • Registering Trademark Under new Trademark Rules 2017

    Registering Trademark Und...


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    A trademark comes under the regime of IPR, which seeks to protect the rights of the intangible property. A trademark can be a

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - REQUIREMENTS AND FACTS

    General Data Protection R...


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    GDPR stands for general data protection regulation. Back in 2012, the European Commission decided to plan for data protection

  • How to File a Lawsuit in India

    How to File a Lawsuit in ...


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    The lawsuit is a civil proceeding filed by a party or parties against each other in a court of law where a party sues each ot

  • Trips Agreement and Compulsory Licensing

    Trips Agreement and Compu...


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    The Agreement on Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights of the WTO is commonly known as the TRIPS Agreement or

  • 5 Steps to Forming a Legally Binding Contract

    5 Steps to Forming a Lega...


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    A contract is a part of business so that it can be carried on harmoniously. Contracts are formed between employers and employ

  • How to Lodge an FIR in India

    How to Lodge an FIR in In...


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    First Information Report is prepared by Police on getting information about the commission of a cognizable offense. Cognizabl

  • How to Send a Legal Notice

    How to Send a Legal Notic...


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    Unfortunately, almost everyone has to send a legal notice in their lifetime, despite all efforts to maintain cordial relation

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