What are the Consumer Rights in India?

What are the Consumer Rights in India?

Right to Consumer Education: it is the right of the consumer to acquire the knowledge and skills in order to be an informed consumer. Consumer ignorance, particularly among rural consumers, is mainly responsible for their exploitation. They should be aware of their rights and must exercise them. It is difficult for illiterate consumers to understand the law and this right ensures that illiterate consumers can seek information about the existing a... Read More

Post By Advocate Neeraj Sansaniwal

Amendments in the Consumer Protection Act

Amendments in the Consumer Protection Act

India being a welfare state has always given utmost priority to the interests of consumers and therefore the Consumer Protection Act,1986 was enacted. While trying to defend the interests of consumers, the legislature bestowed consumer rights for the same and enacted a mechanism for the enforcement due to these rights. In order to fill in all the prevailing lacunae in consumer protection prior, the New act was introduced with all the amendme... Read More

Post By Advocate Surabhi Diwan

Anti-corruption laws in India. How might they help?

Anti-corruption laws in India. How might they help?

Being the world's second-most crowded nation, India is portrayed by a huge and highly differentiated political structure. To oversee such an immense populace, the government of India has additionally been isolated and separated into a hierarchy order to deal with the nation better. It is regular and very obvious that, with such an enormous number of government representatives working in various sectors of government at different levels, corruptio... Read More

Post By Bhupender Tanwar

List of cyber-crimes in India

List of cyber-crimes in India

What are cybercrimes?This term in general covers all unlawful acts, such as phishing, credit card frauds, illegal downloading, uploading child pornography, transferring of viruses, sending spams and others.It is shocking to see the rate of cybercrimes committed in India rise by almost double in 2017 as compared to earlier. What exactly is included in online crimes and what are the types of cyber-crime prevalent in India?Cyber Crimes are divided i... Read More

Post By Advocate Vivek Mishra

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