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Lawyers for Civil Law in Rajampet, Kadapa

Matters relating to a contractual obligation, matrimonial disputes, recovery of debt and dues, service and employment, labour disputes, property matters etc. forms the part of civil law. If you find yourself stuck in any of the abovementioned matters or any other of civil nature, contact Lawtendo to appoint best civil law lawyers and avail our legal service at fixed charges. ...  The broad classification of rajampet, kadapan Laws is done into two basic branches of civil and criminal law as bases and all other laws its nature from these. The main point of difference between both is the object of the law, in civil cases, the emphasis is on making right the wrong committed unlike in criminal cases where an offender is punished to deter him and society at large.

Also, civil law governs and adjudicates issues and disputes between two individual, an individual, an organization or two organizations, unlike criminal law where one party in rajampet, kadapa. With respect to punishments given under civil matters, it is just the monetary loss which is objected to being fulfilled as to the damages suffered and compensation to make good the loss.


·         rajampet, kadapan contract act, 1872

·         Civil procedure code, 1908

·         Companies act 2103

·         Hindu marriage act, 1955

·         Transfer of property act, 1882; etc.

WHAT WE DO: with so many fish in the sea, Lawtendo brings the perfect platter for you, with a team of highly qualified and skilled lawyers we aim to provide best ever legal advice and services. For any matter of civil nature like corporate law, company law, matrimonial disputes, landlord-tenant disputes etc. hire finest civil law attorneys with Lawtendo in rajampet, kadapaWe maintain a professional squad which is experienced in the field and is familiar with the process. Contact us in rajampet, kadapa for filing a civil petition or defending one or related services.

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