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Lawyers for Banking Financial in Kanchanagar, Vapi

Broadly, there are two types of banks. The central bank issues currency and banknotes discharge treasury functions of the government and acts as the banker’s bank. Commercial banks include services like receiving and lending various types of loans and advances. It also performs some non-banking services like locker facilities, online payment of bills, advising on investments, and transfer of allotted funds.

What the law says

The RBI/Reserve Bank of kanchanagar, vapi supervises and is responsible for managing the operation of the kanchanagar, vapin financial system. In addition to issuing regulations and guidelines for banking operations, it also administers the provisions of the RBI Act, BR Act, and Foreign Exchange Management Act.

The Consumer Protection Act od 1986 is the primary legislation governing disputes between consumers and service providers, The relationship between the bank and customer is regarded as that of service provider and customer. 

A three-tier mechanism has been established to deal with complaints:

  1. District forum: this operates at the district level with matters of value not exceeding 2 million rupees.

  2. State commission: operates at the state level with matters of value between 2 million to 10 million rupees.

  3. National commission operates at the national level with matters of value exceeding 10 million rupees.

In addition, banks are also subjected to the Banking Ombudsman Scheme for the purpose of adjudication of disputes between a bank and its customers.

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Victims of Banking financial

The person aggrieved from the service of a bank can approach the District forum or State Commision or National Commision , established under The Consumer Protection Act of 1986, apart from filing a civil suit.

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