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Lawyers for Motor Accident in Katkamsandi, Hazaribagh


katkamsandi, hazaribagh has the second-largest road networks in the world and ranks second in terms of population. From this point of view, road safety is of utmost importance. Road safety is guided by the Motor Vehicles(Amendment) Act, 2019 which replaced the earlier Act of 1988. This central Act governs traffic laws in katkamsandi, hazaribagh while the implementation of this Act is done by various State governments.

What the law says

In katkamsandi, hazaribagh, The Motor Vehicles(Amendment) Act, 2019 guides the traffic laws in katkamsandi, hazaribagh. This act contains provisions relating to registration of vehicles, driving licenses, punishment, and liabilities for causing motor accidents, etc. This new act has come up with stricter penalties and/or punishments to ensure public safety at roads and avoid motor accidents. 

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At lawtendo, we make it simpler for you to hire a lawyer who will guide you and provide you with legal services and ensure that you get justice. We believe in professionalism and thus the panel of attorneys maintained by us are highly skilled and qualified so as to provide you with the best legal advice/service. For hiring an attorney in katkamsandi, hazaribagh specialized in motor accident cases, contact Lawtendo today.

Victims of motor accidents

It's everyday news that hundreds of people are dying in road accidents and are not even provided with the first-aid facility. It is not that there is a lack of hospitals but it’s because of lack of awareness, lack of knowledge and lack of money are the main factors of this everyday happening in the whole country. A road is a place where your misbehavior may lead to loss of life for others.

The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019 in katkamsandi, hazaribaghn kanoon is the remedy available before all the victims and their families via which they can place the offender behind bars and seek justice. This Act aims at providing justice to the victims and reducing road accident cases.

Why do you need a lawyer

A lawyer prevents problems. The common perspective regarding attorneys is that they cure problems but that’s not true. Most of the work done by an attorney is preventive in nature in order to make sure that their client is fully compliant with the law and therefore is free of any troubles. 

Why hire a lawyer through lawtendo

Lawtendo believes in professionalism. Getting the right lawyer for you is a tedious task and if your problems go into the wrong hands, it can lead to causing multiple damages further. We at lawtendo make sure that you engage with the lawyer that suits best interests. Having a network of 5000+ lawyers who specialize in their respective fields of law, you can contact us and be assured that your legal problems are well taken care of.

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