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Lawyers for Trade Mark And Copyright in Katkamsandi, Hazaribagh

Trademarks, copyrights, and patents comprehensively constitute Intellectual Property Rights. The field of Intellectual Property rights has been the fastest-growing field of law as no one will be willing to invest their time and efforts into a project which is not legally secured from others. 

What the law says

A copyright is a legal right in the eyes of law which gives an exclusive right to an individual who originally creates the work. It secures literary, musical, dramatic, and other similar artistic work. It is governed by The Copyrights Act, 1957. Copyright does not protect concepts, ideas or innovation but one may express his/her idea in writing or a drawing and then can claim copyright for the description.

A trademark is a legal right which gives an exclusive right over one’s brand name, logo, etc. The unique identity or logo given to some work is capable of being trademarked. This is governed under The Trademark Act of 1999.

A patent acts as a stimulus to inventors. A patent right secures new inventions that are useful for the world. This is governed by The Patents Act of 197.

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Through lawtendo, you can hire a lawyer that best suits your interest. We make it easier for you to find a lawyer who is skilled and qualified so as to provide you with the best legal services. For hiring a lawyer to protect your trademark, copyright and/or patent rights, contact lawtendo today.

Victims of Copyrights and trademarks

 In order to increase sales of their products, people tend to copy the design and work of other products whose demands are higher in the market. We have seen the packaging of products that look similar to each other yet are owned by different entities. 

Copying the concept and idea of a movie; using, recording, copying the content of others without their prior permission is copyright infringement. Imitating the work of others in the name of inspiration or derivative is also violating their intellectual property rights. We all have been either a victim of Intellectual Property rights or have unknowingly/knowingly caused infringement of other’s rights. 

Why do you need a lawyer

Sometimes, we become victims of intellectual property rights without even being aware of it. People have no awareness of how they can prevent their work and creation from being stolen by others. But a lawyer has knowledge about all these rights and therefore he can help you secure your rights over your work and content.

Why hire a lawyer through lawtendo

The experience of the lawyer in the specific area of law, the professional compatibility that you and the lawyer should share and the fees are the factors which one keeps in mind before he engages with a lawyer. Lawtendo website will be able to provide you with exactly those lawyers who will fit your requirements. We assist in providing lawyers and legal advice in numerous areas of law.