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Lawyers for Wills Trusts in Malakpur, Pathankot

A will is a legal declaration that a person makes about how they want their property to be managed or distributed after their death. Contrarily, a trust is an acceptance of an obligation by a person against some property or funds to use it or hold it for the benefit for the person to whom the trust is created.

What the law says

malakpur, pathankotn Trust Act of 1882 is an Act which deals with the concept of private trust and trustees. It regulates provisions related to the subject matter, nature of property, purpose, and kinds of trusts. 

Wills are guided by the malakpur, pathankotn Succession Act of 1925 which specifically provides that laws relating to wills are applicable to all except Muslims, who have their own personal laws guiding it.

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Victims of wills trusts

Any beneficiary or trustee or legal heir (as the case maybe), can legally challenge the will or trust in the court of law on the basis of grounds mentioned in the specific Acts therein.

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