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Lawyers for Ipc 498a in Narot Jailmal Singh, Pathankot

Section 498a of the narot jailmal singh, pathankotn Penal Code talks about cruelty. When a woman is subjected to cruelty from her husband or any other relative of that husband, he/she is liable for imprisonment for a period of 3 years and also for fine. Cruelty does not have a specific definition but has a wide meaning. inflicting physical, emotional, social, or mental harm to the body or causing coercion or forcing sexual intercourse or unlawfully demanding for dowry or other property, all come under the purview of cruelty.  

What the law says

The narot jailmal singh, pathankotn Penal Code, by virtue of its section 498a, regards cruelty as a criminal offense and prescribes punishment of up to 3 years along with fine on whoever causes it. It is a cognizable offense ( police has the power to arrest without a warrant upon a complaint filed by the aggrieved woman or any person related to her) and a non-bailable one as well. The complaint under this section is required to be filed within 3 years of the alleged incident. Additionally, Cruelty is a ground for divorce for both husband and wife. 


How can we help

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Victims of cruelty

Section 498a is a women-centric law. Any woman who faces violence forced sexual intercourse, unlawful demand for dowry or any property, mental torture, etc can file a complaint to a police-in-charge of a police station against the alleged offender and the police has the authority to arrest such person without warrant and solely on the basis of such complaint. 

Why do you need a lawyer

It is difficult to know about the various procedures involved in filing complaints under section 498a of IPC but a lawyer can assist you and provide you with the best possible solution or redressal that you should claim.

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