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Lawyers for Medical Negligence in Narot Jailmal Singh, Pathankot

A professional is deemed to have skills and diligence in his field and when the professional is a doctor, he is often regarded as next to god by his patients, and hence he is obviously expected to take all reasonable care and precautions to cure his patients. But when he fails to take due care that he owed, he is said to have committed medical negligence.

What the law says

Medical negligence comes under the purview of IPC, consumer protection, and civil law as well. Medical negligence as a tort or civil wrong involves a lower degree of negligence while as a criminal offense, the amount or degree of negligence is severe. However, it is to be noted that doctors have to take reasonable care to cure their patients. They are not expected to take absolute care and are not liable to guarantee recovery absolutely.

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Victims of medical Negligence

A patient can file a complaint or suit as well to recover the damages from the medical practitioner as a result of his/her negligence that amounted to injury to the patient. In severe cases, the medical license of the practitioner also gets expired.

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